PlaytestCloud is happy to announce the launch of a new feature to our platform - Automated Transcriptions. These transcriptions turn our players words into text.

Here at PlaytestCloud, we are always listening to our client’s feedback and a common struggle experienced by many is the time spent analysing playtest videos. Our automated transcriptions let you identify key areas of gameplay without having to view the video in its entirety. With PlaytestCloud Transcripts you can quickly scan through videos and find interesting points quicker!

For those of you who manually transcribe the words of each player, the time savings will be even greater.

This new transcription service can now be ordered on all PlaytestCloud order forms.


There is a set fee of 10 USD (or 0.20 PTC Credits) for each video transcribed regardless of video length. Additionally, should you have already completed your playtest and would still like to use the feature, fear not! It is also possible to add this option afterwards under the Transcription tab next to your video:


Once your video has been fully transcribed ….

Using Cmd/Ctrl+F, you have the option to search for keywords, create word clouds or simply add annotations more time efficiently. If you click on the keyword of your choice within the transcription text, the video will automatically pinpoint the moment in the game when this phrase was spoken.

To view an example, you can access a fully transcribed video here.

This feature is definitely a game changer when it comes to time optimisation and we hope it makes your research a little easier :)

Feel free to reach us at if you have any questions or feedback. We always value your opinion!

PlaytestCloud Team