Trends are your friend… or at least, that’s what many of the amazing researchers in major medical, financial, and even games user research fields have to say! What this means is, when you have large datasets that are collected using effective survey writing methods, you are more able to make accurate and well-informed decisions during games development. Follow the trends, and right insights and decisions will follow!

When it comes to GRUX, playtesting is still the preferred research method for most studies. However, it may not always be available–say, in earlier phases of game development, or because research goals prioritize quantitative over qualitative results. And in an era that has already said goodbye to the days of clipboards or envelopes in the mail for surveys, finding a unique pool of players to take these surveys is still very much an issue.

That’s why game studios turn to PlaytestCloud. With our in-app survey tools, you can quickly and easily construct robust surveys for post-playtest off-boarding, or even as a stand alone research project. We also understand that you may favor a specific survey tool not made by PlaytestCloud–which is why we make it easy for game studios to use the survey tools they already love during their survey efforts, including Alchemer, SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Typeform. To integrate your preferred survey service with Playtestcloud, navigate to the survey section when placing your playtest order and select 'Use a 3rd party survey tool'. Then, after creating your survey with your chosen external service, input the survey URL from your selected tool, ensuring compliance with our terms of service and testing the survey setup as per the instructions in our help center.

After you have submitted your request, and once the playtest is up and running, we will redirect players to your surveys whenever it's necessary for them to do so. To help simplify this process, we provide you with a special tracking code so we can track which players complete the surveys in order to pay them their reward.

Currently, this feature is available for single-session playtests, concept tests, and survey playtests. There are some limitations to using external survey tools with PlaytestCloud, but it's important to remember that our survey integration is not specific to any listed tools, and we are happy to help integrate your preferred software if it's not listed above – just contact us.

Privacy matters

At PlaytestCloud, we treat players' privacy on all surveys (and playtests) with the same level of seriousness as we do the privacy of our game studios (meaning, with a lot of care). The privacy of our gamers is extremely important to us, so to avoid any issues, please remember that you are not permitted to ask players about personal data.

Think you could benefit from a survey for your game?

Surveys can be a powerful tool for game studios to quickly and effectively glean some wisdom from the masses to build the next great intellectual property purchase, social media campaign, or game design. That’s why we recommend you take a few of your Video Tokens and put them towards a survey, as these efforts are what will help you understand the best move forward for your game. Plus if you need help with your next survey, we’re right here with you. Just fill out the form below and we will be happy to assist your game development and games user research in whatever way we can!