At PlaytestCloud, our goal is to ensure that our playtesting tools are accessible to studios of all sizes, regardless of their budget. To achieve this, we provide a range of subscription plans and pricing options that cater to the diverse needs of every team. Let's take a closer look at how our pricing works and explore the available choices.

Our Options:

Option 1: Subscription Plans

For a more detailed feature comparison, have a look at the table on our pricing page. Our subscription plans typically span 12 months and include a bundle of Video Tokens at a rate of $69 per token or less. With no minimum project commitments, you gain access to different feature tiers based on your chosen plan. Here are the main subscription options:

  • Professional Basic: A 12-month plan with 120 Video Tokens (additional tokens can be purchased upfront), offering our basic playtesting features.
  • Professional Advanced: A 12-month plan with 240 Video Tokens (additional tokens can be purchased upfront), providing all basic playtesting features and advanced functionalities like screener surveys, custom briefings, in-game tasks, and advanced targeting.
  • Enterprise: A custom plan suitable for large studios or organizations. This plan includes custom pricing, advanced features, and research operations support. It also supports legal onboarding and security assessments.
  • Indie Pass: A monthly or annual plan exclusively designed for up-and-coming smaller studios, providing core playtesting capabilities at an accessible price.

Option 2: Pay as You Go Model ($120 per Video Token)

  • Starter Plan: If you're not ready for a subscription or unsure about the frequency of playtesting, the Starter Plan offers features such as playtest sessions of up to 30 minutes, limited survey questions (up to 10), and limited geographical targeting (US, UK, and CA). Advanced features like custom briefing and advanced targeting are not included.
  • One-Off Projects: For complex projects requiring advanced features not supported by your plan, the One-Off Projects option allows you to upgrade your plan for a single playtest. Please note that a minimum commitment of $3000 per project applies. If this becomes a regular occurrence, upgrading your subscription may be more cost-effective.

What is a Video Token?

Video Tokens serve as the currency at PlaytestCloud, providing a transparent and straightforward pricing structure for your playtests. The number of tokens you receive depends on your payment tier or subscription plan, and you utilize them to request playtests.

Different services and playtests cost different Video Tokens. Here's an overview of the capabilities associated with different amounts of Video Tokens:

For Single-Session tests:

For others:

Video Token Savings Tips
Committing to more Video Tokens grants discounts on your token rate. Consider a 2-year agreement to secure additional discounts while locking in this year's pricing for the following year.

Determining Your Video Token Requirements:

Calculating the number of Video Tokens your team needs is straightforward. You can refer to our order form or use our pricing calculators available on our pricing page. The most common scenario is studios conducting one 10-player standard targeting single session playtest per month, amounting to 120 Video Tokens per year, which aligns with our Professional Basic plan.

However, if you require additional features like Longitudinal Studies or Multi-Session playtesting (typically ranging from 45 to 70 Video Tokens per session) or advanced audience targeting (1.5 Video Tokens per player), you'll need to consider higher token amounts. When playtesting with children under 15, allocate 20 Video Tokens per player. It should be noted that these advanced features are exclusive to the Professional Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Single session & Concept Testing

Standard targeting

Advanced targeting

Playtesting with kids

5 to 60 minutes single session playtest with an adult

1 VT

1.5 VT 

2 VT

Longform studies

Part 1: Price per player

Playtime per session

Price per session

Multi Session 


15 min

0.72 VT

1.01 VT

30 min

1.16 VT

1.52 VT

60 min

1.45 VT

2.03 VT

Part 2: Target audience factor

Standard targeting


Advanced targeting

Price per player x 1.5

Kids targeting

Price per player x 2

Part 3: Setup fee

8.7 Video Tokens




1-20 questions

.13 VT

0.195 VT

20+ questions

.20 VT 

.3 VT 

Special Pricing for Indie Studios: PlaytestCloud's Indie Pass

The Indie Pass is a special subsidy program designed specifically for small, "Indie" game development teams. It offers access to a range of playtesting tools, including core playtesting services, additional playtesting services, in-game tasks, custom briefings, and transcripts. To qualify for the Indie Pass, your game studio must meet the following requirements:

  • Employ a maximum of 15 individuals.
  • Raised less than $1 million in funding.
  • Earn less than $1 million in annual revenue.

For those who qualify, the Indie Pass subscription unlocks a world of possibilities, including:

Am I eligible for the Indie Pass?

Your game studio is eligible if you meet all three of these strict requirements:

  • At most 15 employees
  • Less than $1 million raised in funding
  • Earn less than $1 million in annual revenue

Indie Pass subscription term

The Indie Pass is also available as both an annual or monthly subscription, yet the annual one gives studios some specific benefits, such as:

  • 60 Video Tokens (a year’s worth) available from the beginning of your term
  • 12 months for the price of 11

Choosing the Right plan for you :

To determine the most suitable option, consider the features required for your playtesting needs and the number of Video Tokens necessary for the upcoming 12-month period. If you need assistance with token calculations or feature selection, our Business Development team is readily available to help. Simply reach out to us via the provided contact form, and we'll be glad to assist you.