The year is coming to a close, and I'd like to thank all our customers and players for a fantastic 2018. Happy holidays, and have a happy and joyful start into 2019!

Holiday support & playtesting hours

All our playtests can be ordered 365 days a year, 24 hours day.

Please note that our support and playtest management teams have limited availability during the holidays (Saturday, Dec 22nd to Monday, Jan 1st) and playtests with special requests can only be handled beginning on January 2nd.

All other playtests will run as usual, with results being delivered within 48 hours or less.

2018 in review

During 2018 we've launched many frequently requested features: Automated transcripts for your playtesting videos, saving orders as drafts so they can be discussed within your team, and playtesting with your own players.

We have also been active behind the scenes and have grown our player base to over 120,000 playtesters this year. Having more players allows us to offer many more target audience options – watch out for some exciting announcements in 2019!

All this – and much more – is made possible by our fantastic team in Berlin. With playtesting becoming more important for making successful games every year, PlaytestCloud is expanding and we are hiring for multiple positions.

Our offer for 2019

Do you have an idea for how PlaytestCloud can make your playtesting and user research more effective? I'd love to hear from you. Every feature on PlaytestCloud has been developed in response to our customers' needs and wishes, and we're always listening.

Drop me an email any time, or contact our team if you'd like to discuss your next playtest.

Thanks, and happy holidays,
Christian Ress
Co-Founder PlaytestCloud