Our Research Operations Team utilizes our platform to run close to 4.000 playtests a year, with no project being too big or too small

PlaytestCloud is more than a service for playtesting: we're also a platform for any type of games user research–be it unmoderated, moderated, and everything in between. From the biggest to the smallest research projects and playtests, from one player to ten, from one researcher to twenty, we daily support studios all around the world with a variety of game user research projects that range in size, complexity and, yes, difficulty. Our automated platform does all the logistic work so you can focus on what truly matters–be it talking to players, or finishing up that big research project you’ve been working on and focusing on the core aspects of your study instead of the tedious, small work.

But it’s not just about the tech. From scheduling to incentives to coordinating work with all our external games user researchers, we have a Research Operations team that can do it all, running an extremely big and well-oiled machine behind the scenes–making sure you get exactly what you want, when you want it. Running 4.000 playtests a year, this team is one of our most experienced–and most passionate. At PlaytestCloud, we want to help companies make great games because we love games. That’s also why Research Operations includes our very own Community Team, tasked with educating and helping the 1.000.000+ we have in our player panel. Jack, Hannah, Emily, everyone in this team doesn’t just have the experience: they also have the heart.

And both are needed. At PlaytestCloud, we work with teams with all different sizes, from the biggest companies in the industry to ones just getting started. And for all their goals, our Research Operations team is there: to offer all the customization, consultation, and support you might need. For you, your players, and, of course, your games and research.

Driving Research Projects of Any Size and Nature

At PlaytestCloud, our goal has always been the same: help developers, researchers, anyone (meaning you!), make games that players love. And our Research Operations team is here to do just that, helping to run any research project that comes our way–no matter how big or how specific. From making sure you get the reports exactly when you want them, to screening players to make sure you’re playtesting or talking exactly to the ones you want to, to even training your teams and giving you all the best practices you want, this team is there. Have you wondered how we guarantee no more than 48 hours between your order and results? Well, this team is one of the reasons.

We work with all sorts of teams, from the biggest companies in the industry (after all, we playtest for 60% of the studios responsible the 100 grossing games in the US App Store) to ones just getting started, and for all of them this team is essential, giving as much personalized and unique support as needed to clients. And this support can mean anything, depending on the needs of each one! It can involve not just quite a bit of logistical work, but also coordinating our dedicated games user research team (which includes some of the top researchers in the field) and our 1.000.000+ player panel, all while making sure you get from your playtests and research exactly what you want–with the right players involved.

This support can be quite essential to our Enterprise clients, for example, the ones part of our top subscription tier available. Here, we work with the biggest companies in the business, meaning teams spread all around the world, each one with its very specific requests–and we cater to each one of them.

At PlaytestCloud, we’re not just proud of our proprietary platform, built from the ground up for the gaming industry. We’re also proud of our people, and the support they offer. We offer both automation and personalization, and take pride in giving each client exactly what they need and want, when they want it, giving the best support the industry can offer.

Get the Best Research Services and Support in the Business

We don’t want to just offer the best services, tools and support in the business: we also want to do it in a way that fits every single studio out there, from the smallest team to the biggest. We’ve worked hard to ensure that nothing is above our capacity, and that even the largest teams in the world, with the largest needs, can get from us exactly what we need. All of this in a way that’s efficient and affordable–which is also why we have every option available, from a subscription plan to teams just starting out to our Enterprise one, to the absolute biggest teams in the business.

Curious to know more? Want to know how our team can support you in whatever you need? Sign-up now, and find out.