Watch players during the whole first week of their playtime - even before your game is launched. We're proud to announce a new testing mode on PlaytestCloud. With Longitudinal Studies you can watch how your target audience goes through the full first week of gameplay.

A PlaytestCloud test manager will work with you to set up a test plan and make sure you'll get great insights into your player behavior during that time.

With Longitudinal Studies you'll receive full video recordings for all sessions that players play on their devices. Our test players are encouraged to play in their natural environment, also when they're on their go.

Our pilot customers have used longitudinal studies to

  • Balance premium currency and time gates
  • Test how people like your game in the second, third, … play session
  • Find out what play style players adopt
  • Adjust difficulty based on player feedback
  • See where players drop off and eliminate those spots

Because we use the fully automated PlaytestCloud platform to conduct the tests, we can offer this at a very competitive price point.

If you're interested, you can read more about mobile longitudinal studies on our website or directly email us. We'll contact you and help you set up the right test plan for your game.