Comparison of Mobile Screen Capturing SDKs

If you're looking for a way to record what's happening on the screens of your iOS or Android app users: This is a list of currently available screen capturing SDKs.

General Observations

Most SDKs listed here focus on one of these two use cases:

  1. Usability Testing during development
  2. Recording of Let's Play videos by users

The SDKs are generally easy to integrate by adding a few lines of code to your project.


SDK Platforms Use Case Private Recordings User can start/stop OpenGL support Pricing
TapeRecorder iOS, Android usability testing yes ? no free
LookBack iOS usability testing yes yes no free (beta)
MagiTest SDK iOS usability testing yes ? ? $49.99 / five devices SDK iOS usability testing yes ? ? $49.99/session
The Beta Family SuperRecorder iOS usability testing yes ? ? free
KamCord iOS, Android Let's Play no yes yes free
Everyplay iOS, Android Let's Play no yes yes free

If you have any more SDKs to add, please let us know in the comments.