At PlaytestCloud we love out-of-the-box thinking. It gets us really excited when you come up with custom playtesting ideas that don’t necessarily fit within our product categories! That’s why we’re interested in hearing your thoughts on what others might consider a ‘non-traditional’ playtest. We’ve even added an extra section to our new order form for those special playtests that break the mold when it comes to games user research for mobile games.

"If you can dream up a playtest design, we are happy to try and make it happen for you."

How do I add a custom playtest to the new order form?

Easy! All you need to do is click on the custom playtest button at the bottom of the new order form page. Although your playtest won’t start automatically, when you click the submit button at the end of the form we’ll put you in the queue for some good old-fashioned games user research.

This is when we gather as much information as we can from what you submitted. Then, we’ll have a member of our team contact you to help you build a playtest that achieves your research objectives using the full capabilities of our platform.

What do I need to submit when I request a custom playtest?

When you submit your order form, make sure you are as detailed as possible. The more information we have, the better we can serve you! Here are the three main things we need to know before you hit send:

What are your research goals?

We need to know why you are running this playtest - these are your research goals. This is also a great time to tell us:

  • What stage of development your game is in
  • What hypotheses you would like to test
  • Whether you have playtested the game before, and if so, the results of that playtest
  • What your main concerns are with the game

Who is your target audience?

Aside from basic demographic details like age, gender, and location, it helps us to know:

  • What games they like or dislike
  • Which games they have experience with (or no experience with), and how much experience they have
  • Which devices they own
  • Which types of hobbies and interests drive them
  • How many players are currently playing your game

How should this playtest be designed?

Consider how your playtest is different from your average longitudinal study or multi-session playtest, and tell us:

  • Would you like to screen the players yourself?
  • Will players need to test a build (or, should players play a competitor's game)?
  • How many times and how often should they play?
  • Do players need to answer a survey? When should they answer the survey?
  • Would you like the players to perform any specific actions during the playtest?
  • Would you like to interview the players after their playtest?

You are also totally free to share any documents or files that would help us better understand your needs. Rest assured that all documents shared will be treated as confidential.

Let’s hear about your latest playtest idea!

Not sure how to customize your playtest, but can answer most of the questions above?

With enough information we can complete the full spectrum of work for you – from ​creating a playtest to analyzing one, or perhaps adding annotations to one of your videos. Our Games User Research team can even create a full report of your playtest findings for you. We are always happy to assist!

If you’re ready to explore the customization of your next playtest, then let us help you harness the full power of PlaytestCloud to achieve any and all of your research objectives.

Consider it our small way of sharing with you a simpler path to designing better games, so can better understand why and how players play. Test out the new customization format for your next playtest, and we’ll catch up with you soon about how we can implement your vision to hit your research goals.