In August of 2022, you might have had one of our customer success managers survey you to figure out how best we can improve the platform. So, we took your suggestions and implemented as many as we could! With our engineering and product teams busy improving the platform for you, we are excited to pass along the exciting news on their behalf.

Clips and reels allow you to export key moments from multiple players in just a few clicks, making it far less burdensome for you to share your playtest data.With this update, sharing your reel with your teammates just got a bit easier. Reels and clips are now hosted on their own pages, making them easier to share as you no longer have to download them to share them – all it takes is a link.

Adjustments to clips and reels are now streamlined

With a small change by our product team, now when you adjust the clip’s start time in the clip builder, your video preview restarts from the new start time too! This way you’ll know for sure that your edited clip starts exactly where you want it to.

Better clips, annotations and hashtags

We improved the annotation highlight logic so that it doesn’t disturb users’ reading or editing flow. Before our updates, if the video was playing and a new annotation got auto-highlighted, the page would automatically scroll to the newly highlighted annotation, causing you to lose your place. Now, if you are active in the annotations panel, you can highlight any annotation without experiencing the automated scroll effect.

We have also made it easier to turn a word into a hashtag, to correct typos, and to edit hashtags. Prior to our latest improvements the only option was to delete the entire hashtag and type out a new one. Now, you can edit a hashtag like any other text!

All-encompassing search bar for playtests

“Which video was the one where the player compared our game to Mario Kart?”

In the old days this question would lead to a lot of time spent going through each video and transcript to find the right marker. As of now, we've added a search bar to playtests that allows you to search through all your playtest annotations and transcripts to find whatever moment you’re searching for.

We are always making small improvements to our platform. Reach out to us anytime with your ideas via chat, email, or social media. We are always looking for better ways to make playtesting with PlaytestCloud even easier.