We work hard to make sure that your playtest experience is the best it can be. As soon as we heard from our users that they were exporting video clips out of PlaytestCloud–we knew we had work to do. Feedback from multiple sources told us that our users wanted to create highlight reels from playtest videos, but that they were using external software to do so.

Right away we were concerned about the extra time it took for our users to achieve the results they wanted. We understood that this difficulty has led to lost time and productivity for our users, which is why starting today we have made an addition to the video player for your benefit!

You will now be able to export key moments from multiple players in just a few clicks. This feature will make it even easier for you to share your playtest data with your team! So, how does it all work? Think of this new feature in terms of creating a ‘highlight reel for your playtest’.

Introducing: Video Reels

Game studios can now benefit from a ton of time savings when they collate a series of short clips and combine them for ease of sharing. In fact, some of our users are already raving about how easy it is to use this new feature.

The process is simple–and you’re likely doing half the work already. All you need to do is: 1.) create an annotation, 2.) create a video clip of that annotation, 3.) once you have a few video clips you can combine your top favorites into one (or many!) video reel(s).

For a more detailed breakdown of how to create a reel check out our help center.

Experience a new way to collaborate

There are hundreds of innovative ways you will be able to use this new feature, giving you and your team the opportunity to see the big picture. With only a few clicks, you can now combine key moments such as:

  • Player pain points
  • Player drop out
  • Frequent player mistakes
  • New feature playthroughs
  • All the positive or negative things players say
  • Players interacting with menus or special screens
  • Players using the power up system
  • and so much more!

We are ultra-keen to see what you can do, and we encourage you to give the feature a try for yourself. For full instructions on how it all works, make sure to visit our Help Center or watch our upcoming webinar before you begin. Otherwise, go ahead and create your first highlight reel, and let us know what you think.