We live in a world full of choices. As a talented member of the global workforce, each one of us has a choice of choosing among several employers, everywhere around the world. To reach our full potential, it is important to find a role that is a good fit to both our skills and work culture, otherwise there is a risk of mismatch leading to dissatisfaction.

As a company, we at PlaytestCloud are aware of the choices and preferences of today’s workforce and have oriented our organization to deliver value to our employees and make them thrive. We’ve written about this in the past, talking about how important diversity and inclusion are for us, and also about our hybrid work culture. But there’s more! Let’s have a look at six specific reasons that we believe help us stand out:

#1 We hire for the long term to do meaningful work

We believe in heartcount, not headcount. For us, our teammates are our friends and we don’t treat them as a resource but rather as our prized assets who will stay with us for the long term. We focus on constantly providing challenging work along with great culture and benefits to our employees, and on creating policies that are friendly to them and allow them to work in a relaxed and positive environment.

#2 We have zero ego in the organization

We believe great ideas come from throughout the organization and we encourage every team member to share theirs by keeping our egos at rock bottom. We actively encourage dialogue in our teams to ensure everyone has a say in our decisions.

#3 We trust our employees

We only hire employees who are a strong fit with our culture, then entrust them with responsibilities and empower them with adequate decision making power. We trust our team to always do the right thing and we don’t micromanage.

#4 Work from anywhere

One way in which we differentiate ourselves is by providing our team the flexibility to choose where they will work from. We work in a hybrid set-up and our team can choose to work remotely or from our office. They can work up to 90 days from anywhere in Europe.

#5 Diversity and inclusion

As mentioned above, at PlaytestCloud we welcome diversity, and believe everyone should have a fair chance at setting a high score. We are an equal opportunity employer in every sense of the word. We have women leaders in management and we actively promote diversity of nationalities, gender and backgrounds. Our team comes from 18 nationalities. We are active supporters of LGBTQ community. We are committed to providing an inclusive environment for everybody who works here or with us, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion (or lack thereof), political affiliation, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, or any other characteristics. Come as you are, we want to hire you for your skills and skills only.

#6 Our business model is grounded on sound business principles

We are a bootstrapped and profitable company, and our growth is driven by the profits generated from our operations. We believe this allows us to maintain a sustainable growth, hire effectively and build a long term orientation in our decision making. Being grounded in strong business principles also allows us to plan and execute with a clear direction and to be flexible in our approach.

Join us to work in an organization committed to creating a positive and healthy environment for its team – and help revolutionize the mobile game industry in the process. We are on a mission to make the future of mobile gaming diverse, inclusive, and exciting and you could play a big role in helping us achieve our mission. Interested? Have a look at our open positions.