We're now halfway through 2023, and what a year it's been! As we continue to grow here at PlaytestCloud, it's also time to look back and think... how was 2022? What were the biggest numbers for our team throughout that time? What made it a great year, setting the benchmark for the current one? And what happened last year that makes us such a great employee to work for in 2023?

Well, 2022 was a year of big changes! The global economy went through a period of turmoil–supply chains were disrupted, several industries went through restructuring and the workforce was laid off across businesses. Amidst these changes, PlaytestCloud weathered the global headwinds through its resilient business model and with an united team spirit. In 2022, despite everything, our team underwent transformations in several areas and we achieved several important milestones. Now, let’s have a look at some of those, and what last year brought us.

A quick summary of everything we achieved in 2022

First, the big one! We are proud to announce that our gender pay gap was almost completely wiped out (<1%). We truly have delivered on treating our employees equal, no matter who they are and we believe we will continue to set the trend for other companies to follow.

Second, our team size grew by >18%, which reflected our tireless efforts in engaging with the talent pool and still holding on to a very high bar on talent acquisition. This is even more special given 2022 was a year that saw more than 200,000 tech jobs lost due to global challenges.

Third, our team now represents 16 nationalities and is growing. We truly believe in multiculturalism and we take pride in our diversity and inclusion. Our global workforce is an important driver of our success and one of the key reasons why we are an employer of choice for candidates.

Fourth, we took giant steps in increasing our employee satisfaction. This is reflected in the high Employee Net Promoter Score of 9.6/10 and the high Employee Retention. Our employees have an average tenure of more than 2 years which, given that we are only a 9 year old company, speaks a lot about our workplace engagement.

Fifth, our employee friendly policies allowed our team members to work 303 days from abroad, enabling them to work in the most flexible of ways. We place full trust in our employees to deliver their work without the need to be tied to a specific location at all times.

And finally, we helped our employees upskill themselves, reflected by a 34% usage of the professional development budget. We believe in investing heavily in our team to help them grow with the organization and we actively encourage them to use the learning budget to learn skills of their choice.

Our goal is to carry forward this momentum in 2023 and ensure that we continue to break the ground and set the trends in how we do our business with our internal and external stakeholders. Onwards and upwards!