Diversity is a key part of our philosophy at PlaytestCloud. We strongly believe that ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ are not just buzz-words but rather a part of our founding principles, essential in how we work and mold our company. Recently, to celebrate as well as to further develop the way how we understand and value diversity, we organized a “LGBTIQ+ and allyship training” with the UHLALA Group. Along with this, over the last weeks we also started an internal PlaytestCloud education program about Diversity & Inclusion around topics such as:

1) The primary dimensions of diversity like ethnicity, culture, gender, family model, age, neurodiverse aspects
2) Using inclusive language and pronouns

As an organization, we are fully committed to actively seeking out ways to make our teams more diverse in every possible way. Our belief in promoting a diverse, inclusive and open work culture stems from our collective belief in equality of opportunity and respect for all. After all, diversity and equality aren’t just moral beliefs but also essential for assuring a company is doing the very best work it can – as seen in McKinsey’s 2020 report titled ‘Diversity wins: How inclusion matters’, where it was revealed that companies with ethnically diverse workforces experience 36% higher returns. And according to Gartner, 75% of organizations with an inclusive frontline decision-making team will exceed their financial targets.

Throughout the years, we’ve looked at diversity as essential towards making PlaytestCloud the best company it can be – and, from our experience, all these studies are right. Having a diverse team has not only made us better, but also improved the work itself. And as we continue to focus on diversity and equality as the company grows, we believe we’ll only become better and better – both personally, and professionally.