Want to make sure you have the exact players you want in your playtest? Have them fill in a quick survey beforehand and then select the players who fit best. Now possible with our newest feature, Screener Surveys–rolling out to PlaytestCloud users starting today.‌‌‌‌Here at PlaytestCloud, we have 1.000.000+ players ready to playtest your game (or even jump on a call with you!) from all over the world, guaranteeing you the exact insights you need, from the exact people that will be (or already are!) playing your game.‌

We’re well aware each studio has its different, sometimes very specific needs when it comes to the players they’d like to playtest with. Depending on your game and its development stage, going granular can be essential–as it usually is, with both user research and playtesting. This is why we’ve worked hard to make PlaytestCloud the platform for playtesting and user research in the industry, tailored to the needs and goals of every studio and game developer out there. Be it Live or unmoderated research, be it Concept Testing or a Longitudinal Test, we want to give every developer and researcher access to the exact tools and players they need.

We already give PlaytestCloud users a series of target audience options (want a player from a specific age range? Gender? Country? Experience with specific games or genres? We got you). Our research operations team can also support you in screening players based on any other requirement.

But we’re now taking things further and are giving you more even control over your target audience with Screener Surveys.

Create your own specific screener surveys (all inside our platform, as always!) and then pick players for your playtest from their answers–automatically or manually, you choose!

This service, available to our Enterprise and Professional Advanced clients, is rolling out as of today, and will be available to all eligible users within the next four weeks. Want to start using it right away? Reach out, and we’ll make it happen!

Screener Surveys: How Do They Work?‌‌‌‌

Setting up a screener survey is easy. In your playtest and survey order forms, you’ll now see the option to run a screener survey, right below our demographics and gaming history target audience options. There, you can create your own screener survey, with any questions you’d like–be it multiple choice, ranking or rating, checkboxes or free text. You can also define the answers a player needs to give to be eligible for your playtest.

Next, you’ll define the answers players need to give to be eligible for your playtest, and we’ll use these to automatically add (or not) players to your playtest. Want to pick the best players yourself? You can! We’ll let you know as soon as the first screener answers are available, and you’ll be able to select the players yourself from a dedicated screener results page.

This can all be used in conjunction with our existing targeting options. Tell us which kind of player you’d like (age, gender, location), and only players matching these criteria will get your screener. This allows an unparalleled amount of targeting towards who you want to playtest your game with, while also giving you more control than ever towards picking those players yourself.

All of this, as always, strictly inside our platform–with no external tools needed.

On your playest’s overview page you’ll be able to see the number of matches and rejects you got for your playtest and, if you decide on a manual screener, you’ll also get your own dedicated screener results page. Here, you’ll be able to see each player and their answers, and invite them (or not!) to a shortlist that you can then invite to your playtest. You’ll get on your playtest exactly the type of players you want–we’ll even show you a match percentage for each one, based on how you built your survey.

Once you’ve shortlisted enough players, press invite, and that’s it! Decided on an automatic screener instead? Then we’ll do everything automatically and will only invite the players that gave answers matching your screener survey criteria.

Understanding Your Players

Screener Surveys will give you a new level of control of your playtests, allowing you directly to invite the players you want based on your screener, enabling you to gain more insights than ever from the people you’re building your game for.‌‌‌‌Our research operations team also continues to be available to screen players for Professional Advanced and Enterprise clients if you prefer talking directly to us about your testing requirements,–but now you’ll be able to do it yourself as well, with your own screener surveys, at any time and day of the week.

Ready to create your own screener? Sign-up here if you don’t have a PlaytestCloud account yet. Already a PlaytestCloud user? Then just head here or, if you don’t see the feature on your order form yet, contact us and we’ll reach out.

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