We could barely contain our staff when we put out the call to ask: How has your experience been working at PlaytestCloud? Almost instantly our inboxes were full of excited team members from every department insisting they never want to leave! In fact, we were so completely moved by this out-pouring of support and positive sentiment that we’ve put some of their responses here for you to enjoy. We think you’ll be just as interested to learn what it is that makes our perpetual playtesting machine tick–and to hear why our team loves working for PlaytestCloud.

Working at PlaytestCloud gives me more energy than what it costs me. In my career so far, it's never been this fun to jump from idea to project, challenge to solution, question to learning. I experience PlaytestCloud and its whole team as authentic, practical, smart, friendly, and humble. Being responsible for people and organization can be tough, especially when you have to make unpopular decisions – but at PlaytestCloud the acceptance and understanding of all people makes you feel good about what you do.
The team at PlaytestCloud is more receptive to new ideas and thoughts than any employer I’ve had before. There’s not one idea that goes unheard and most of them are given a shot at – which is great for driving quick and efficient innovation. On a personal level, I also feel well supported by the many opportunities for German classes and personal development initiatives offered. But honestly, the greatest asset of PlaytestCloud that I have seen in the past few years is its people. Hands down, the people I work with on a daily basis are the most enjoyable part of my job.
PlaytestCloud is a small team of the most motivated and hard working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. In my position, I’m also very fortunate to collaborate directly with our awesome customers, and I’m proud to represent the product and the team that brings them so much value. I enjoy and look forward to showing up for work every single day. I can also say that at PlaytestCloud I work with some of the brightest, friendliest, and most inspiring people I’ve ever met, and every day my team gives me an opportunity to learn and grow even more as a leader .
I've been at PlaytestCloud for over 2 years and one of the things I love about it is being able to speak to people from the gaming sector from all over the world. For me, a highlight this year was spending time in Istanbul with our clients, getting a look into their amazing projects first hand. When the pandemic hit, I wasn't best prepared to work remotely but PlaytestCloud gave me everything I needed to turn my home into a proper office . Now, I think I”ll be team home office for life! Apart from that, we also have a dog-friendly office, which allowed me to get a puppy! Now I have little Ivy, an energetic spaniel/jack russell mix, to keep me company both at home and at the occasional HQ visit. This year, my partner and I are also expecting our first child, and PlaytestCloud has gone above and beyond with its support. With all of this, I”m looking forward to more exciting years ahead at PlaytestCloud!
I've been working at PlaytestCloud for almost 2.5 years. Ever since I started, I've received tons of support and all the resources I need to succeed – from top-notch remote training in my first year to being developed into a Team Lead for Project Management in this last one. It's been a pleasure working with my team. Everyone, from the founders to the new hires, give their best and want the whole team to succeed. On top of that, PlaytestCloud is committed to fostering diversity and an open work environment, as well as protecting each teammate's work-life balance. I feel my colleagues are kind, creative, welcoming and fun to be around.
I love working at PlaytestCloud because it gives me the opportunity to support an awesome international team, and I am inspired by these people every day! I like the open-mindedness and the inclusive atmosphere in the company. Their working models, with flexibility and continuous development allows me to have the best work-life balance. As our team grows and we continue hiring, I am really looking forward to supporting our new team members. See you in the team!
It feels like it was just yesterday that I spoke with Michael Duning and Christian Ress about the possibility of joining PlaytestCloud as the Head of Business Development, hoping to help this amazing company grow to even greater heights. It's been more than a year for me since that conversation, and ever since then I've experienced nothing but passion, understanding and a never dying spirit of growth and innovation at PlaytestCloud from each and every individual. We have achieved great milestones together and I can't wait to see what 2023 brings! I look forward to continue working with this dynamic team and spreading the good word about remote playtesting.
In the almost 9 years I've been with PlaytestCloud, I've had the privilege to see the company grow from a handful of people to the awesome and diverse team it is now. It really amazes me how talented, motivated, and supportive everyone here is. What keeps me going every day are really the people I work with and the knowledge that we're building an awesome product that makes people's lives so much easier and gives players the chance to shape the games they love. I'm proud to be a part of that and excited for what the future will bring!
I am proud to be a part of the PlaytestCloud team and have been working here for the past two years. The company culture is inclusive, open, and fosters collaboration between teams, making it a great place to work. I have had the opportunity to work on challenging projects alongside a talented and motivated team, and feel supported in my professional growth. PlaytestCloud's commitment to innovation and delivering high-quality products is inspiring, and I am excited to continue being a part of this dynamic and innovative company.
Over my 4 years here, I've taken on a dual role as both a team lead and individual contributor, thanks to the flexibility and support provided by PlaytestCloud. To stay connected to the software system, I still have the opportunity to work on all aspects of it, including the Rails Backend, Angular Frontend, Flutter Mobile App, and infrastructure topics. What I love about my role is the diversity of tasks and the agency I have to tackle them. This allows me to continuously learn and try new technologies, making a significant impact on the services we offer to clients. Watching the Engineering team bring new features to life through teamwork is one of the most motivating aspects of my job!

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