Today we're launching PlaytestCloud Select: It allows you to pick your testers based on the games they like to play. Currently, you can select players of Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Flappy Bird and Candy Crush Saga. We'll add more titles to this list as our tester panel grows.

When you start a new playtest, you have a new option saying 'Select by game title'. Clicking it you can pick a game title from the list:

We hope that this new feature will make PlaytestCloud even more helpful for you!

Why is it useful?

PlaytestCloud Select enables you to find players that have previous experience with games similar to yours. It also makes sure that your players will be non-rejectors of your game's genre: For instance, if you're testing a Match-3 game, selecting Candy Crush Saga players makes sure that you will get testers who actually play similar games.

How do we pick players for you?

When testers register at PlaytestCloud, they give us a list of games they currently play and a list of their favorite games. When you select players by game title, you get players who said that they currently play this specific game or that it is one of their all-time favorite games. We do some data cleaning on what the players enter: for instance we aggregate all installments in the Call of Duty franchise into a single 'Call of Duty' game. We also fix misspellings (e.g. 'Crash of Clans' or 'Clash of the Clans').

What's next?

First, we want to add more titles to the list of games that you can target by. Our tester panel is growing steadily but we need a certain minimum amount of players of each game title before we can offer them as a selectable target audience. We're also evaluating ways to select testers by their preferred game genres.

Stay tuned!

— Marvin, PlaytestCloud