What does the city of Las Vegas and PlaytestCloud have in common? A lot more than you think...

The jewel in the desert has been an industry leader in gaming and entertainment since the mid 20th century. But what does that have to do with PlaytestCloud you ask? Well, Las Vegas hosts a population of 651,000 residents, which is the exact number of players we have on the platform as of today – 651,000 players. That means we have more players in our panel than the population of Las Vegas!

Since March 2020 our player pool has grown exponentially. In less than one year's time, our player pool doubled from 325,000 players to over 650,000 – and it's growing more every day.

Like the population of Las Vegas, our players represent all gamer types from casual to hardcore, all age groups, and all device types. They're candid and love games - but they're not professional testers. That means these everyday players will best represent players who will play your games in the future. So when you test your game with us you can test how your game will actually fare in the real marketplace.

Don’t believe us? Then put us to the test today. Contact us and we will help you set up your next target audience to whatever specifics you may have.