Here's what happened in August at PlaytestCloud, your playtesting service for mobile and browser games. This time we present you new features which will help you analyze your playtests faster and allow you to reach new target audience groups.

1) New video player

The new PlaytestCloud video player comes with a new look and a bunch of new features. Now you can access all information on one screen: While watching the video you can see the survey entries, the testers profile and write a summary about the video.

With the new video player it is easy to find the interesting points in your playtest: We show you the days and sessions the gamers played, and by hovering over the timeline you see accurate video thumbnails as well as the players' local time.

Furthermore, if you implement our Event Tracking SDK (introduced earlier this year) you'll see which levels player's were in or when they used a power-up right in the video player. Hovering over the event gets you all the tracked data and clicking on the event starts the video right at this point.

Working with the PlaytestCloud video player was never this comfortable! Now we also support keyboard shortcuts: Just hit [Space] to pause and continue the video or hit [N] to add a new annotation at the current position of the video. And if you want to share the current moment in a video with your colleagues a link to the current video position is just 1 click away.

2) Detailed Usability / Playability Reports

Save time with detailed reports about the usability and playability of your game. Our experienced player experience consultants will work with you to design, run and evaluate the player study tailored to your goals and objectives.

Our consultants are game usability experts with over 20 years experience in both industry and academia and have consulted companies like Disney, EA and Blizzard.

To find out more about our Playability Reports or to discuss how your report could be designed, contact us at

3) New targeting options

We added 2 new options to narrow down your target audience:

  • Combining age/gender targeting with targeting by games the players like or haven't played before - e.g. Women age 30+ who play Hidden Object Games.
  • Choosing between phone and tablet players. This option is only available for iOS at the moment, and lets you choose between iPhone 5s+ or iPad mini 2+ players.

Also we've added 5 new game targeting options. Here are all the game titles and categories you can choose from now:

  • Clash of Clans
  • Boom Beach
  • Call of Duty
  • Flappy Bird
  • Farm Heroes Saga
  • Hay Day
  • Minecraft
  • Minion Rush
  • Subway Surfers
  • Temple Run
  • Hearthstone
  • Hidden Object Games
  • Match-3 Games
  • City Builder Games
  • Quiz games like Trivia Crack, Quiz Up
  • Card Games like Solitare, Uno
  • MOBA Games (new)
  • City Builder Games (new)
  • Games (new)
  • Best Fiends (new)
  • Bubble Witch Saga (new)

As always, if there's anything we can do to help you make the best games in the world, contact us!