Berlin based game studio Wooga, best known for their titles Jelly Splash and Diamond Dash, just launched the tower defense game Crazy Kings.

The game is being developed by the Finnish studio TicBits and was launched under Wooga’s publishing initiative. As part of Wooga's support we've conducted tests both of the first-player experience and the first week of gameplay through a 7-day long-term test.

What does working with 4-5 hour long gameplay videos feel like? Here's the opinion of TicBits' CEO on the matter:

The long videos were great. It took some time to go through them all, but I definitely think it was worth it for us. They gave us important insight into how players play the game once they grow more accustomed to it and also showed us what parts of our UI needed more work.

Overall I'm extremely happy with the service. All the videos have been helpful to us in improving the tutorial and in finding and fixing a lot of UI issues.

–Fredrik Wahrman, CEO TicBits Ltd

Learn more about our long-term tests and diary studies here.

We highly suggest checking out Crazy Kings in the AppStore:

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