Start playtesting in real-time with your players with Live Playtesting

At PlaytestCloud, we’ve always focused not just on giving every game studio out there (from biggest to smallest!) every single playtesting tool they need, but also on creating the single best playtesting platform around, allowing studios to do all games user research they need under one, centralized roof.

With the release of Player Interviews and Player Retargeting earlier this year, we’ve allowed studios everywhere to both understand and connect with players better than ever before, bridging the gap between those who make games and those who play them. Now we’re taking that one step further with the upcoming release of Live Playtesting.

Live Playtesting allows you to playtest with players in real-time–be they from our 1.000.000+ player panel, or your own.

Compared to Player Interviews, Live Playtesting takes things further by allowing you to have a video call with players while they playtest your game, seeing their gameplay in real-time, guiding them to the parts you want feedback on, or walking them through challenging parts to gather insights on what lies beyond.

PlaytestCloud already gives you access to the most comprehensive unmoderated research tools for mobile games (from Single-Session and Longitudinal Playtests to Concept Testing). Live Playtesting and Player Interviews will now also give you the best tools for your remote moderated research needs, with solutions tailored specifically to game studios that also integrate deeply with all our other tools, services, and player panel.

Why Live Playtesting?

Live playtesting itself isn’t new, and many studios out there are already doing it–maybe even you! But you’ll now have the option of doing it with a service created specifically for you, your team, your games and your players.

Our Live Playtesting product is specifically built for game studios, aiming at giving our industry a service and tools tailored specifically to its needs–such as low latency and high FPS gameplay streaming as it’s essential for understanding how people really play your games.

This new service will work in conjunction with all of our existing features, all of them which make PlaytestCloud ideal for any kind of games user research. This means that if you do moderated research with us using Live Playtesting, you’ll be able to:

  • Access a 1.000.000+ player panel from all around the world, along with targeting options, giving you access to the exact players you’d like.
  • Analyze your research results within our platform thanks to our range of analysis tools (everything from transcriptions to video reels), along with automatic recording of your moderated sessions.
  • Use our built-in scheduling tool, which will guarantee you’ll be able to playtest with players not just based on your targeting, but also at the exact time and day you’d like.
  • Collaborative tools, such as the ability to have colleagues join in on your sessions.

Live Playtesting will also come with its own capabilities, of course–and we have quite a few ready for this early access phase!

  • During each call, players will be able to screenshare so you can see them play your game
  • They'll also be asked to download the game before joining.

With Live Playtesting, you can already do moderated playtesting for:

  • Any game on the App Store or TestFlight
  • Any game on Google Play
  • Any website and most prototyping tools (e.g. Figma)

We'll be adding more features based on your feedback–the sky's the limit!

All of this under one roof: ours, with everything happening on PlaytestCloud, without the need for any external tools, and with no logistic work from your side–we'll even get players to install the game before the call so you don't lose any time!

We’ve talked before about the importance of understanding your players at any stage of game development, and Live Playtesting brings PlaytestCloud users closer to that than ever before. We want to be able to give every single studio out there the chance to conduct the exact type of research they need, be it moderated or unmoderated, be it a player interview, a simple survey, or even a diary study (like our Longitudinal Tests).