After a trial phase, we’re proud today to launch our new feature, Live Playtesting, marking a significant advancement in how game studios can use PlaytestCloud for their game development needs.

Live Playtesting is a remote moderated research tool created specifically for the gaming industry. It allows developers to join video calls with players who are testing their games, enabling them to observe gameplay and player interactions live, joining them as they play their game. This feature facilitates focused feedback on specific game elements and helps in identifying areas for improvement.

This also cements PlaytestCloud as the platform for all of the industry’s research needs: be it moderated or unmoderated, we can now say we have it all. 

What to expect with Live Playtesting

When you or your developers engage with Live Playtesting, you’ll immediately gain access to a more nuanced understanding of player interactions as they’re happening. No matter the stage of development - from testing prototypes to fine-tuning fully developed games - studios and game teams can:

  • Gain focused insights on specific game mechanics or levels for quick adjustments.
  • Interact directly with playtesters during play sessions and gather direct feedback.
  • Experience the simplicity of screen sharing with touch indicators, low-latency and high FPS gameplay streaming–observing the player’s full gameplay experience, as if they’re with them.
  • Analyze results within our platform with our full suite of analysis tools (from AI-Powered Analysis to transcriptions and more)–each call is also recorded automatically and quickly available.
  • No logistical work–our platform does it all, from targeting to scheduling, and even ensuring the player installs the game beforehand. It also ensures that, if a player doesn’t show, another one takes their place.
  • Tap into a more than 1M player panel–or invite their own.

Live Playtesting is a fully-customizable process, providing developers all the flexibility they need and tailored to their needs. Everything within our platform, with no external software needed.

A solution for Games User Researchers 

For games user researchers, Live Playtesting is ideal due to not just its technical sophistication, but also the sheer amount of time it saves by combining recruitment, scheduling, running and analyzing live playtests in one single platform–ours...

  • It offers seamless screen sharing, built specifically for touch indicators, and player interaction, ensuring accurate and in-depth insights. 
  • Its speed, efficiency, integrated tools, and access to a diverse player base that is over a million players strong together enhances the testing process immensely. 
  • It’s a collaborative tool: you can invite other colleagues to your sessions, visible or invisible to the player, and share results easily with them using any of our built-in analysis tools. 

And this isn’t even an exhaustive list: there are so many benefits our games user researchers, for example, have discovered with our Live Playtesting feature, and we’re sure others will find even more post-launch. 

Ideal for all Game Developers

When designing a playable game, almost all of us wish we could get inside a player’s head during video playback of a playtesting session. With Live Playtesting, you can.

  • This feature simplifies gamer targeting and integrates various playtesting stages to support excellent game design. 
  • Live Playtesting’s intuitive interface also caters to game development needs, offering versatility for all stages of game development.
  • Its integration with all our platform’s playtesting features and analysis tools makes it both easy, fast and convenient to use.

What does Live Playtesting Mean for everyone else?

Live Playtesting is also an ideal solution for those seeking an effective moderated playtesting tool–particularly for newcomers who want the full playtesting experience. Its ease of use, comprehensive features, and industry focus make it a standout choice for game-preneurs at all experience levels. 

That’s because the PlaytestCloud platform is not just for experts in moderated testing; it demonstrates the importance and value of such methods for any type of game studio, game, or game design project. Live Playtesting in particular provides a clear overview of all our features and playtesting benefits, highlighting how moderated research can enhance development and testing processes from ideation to game launch.

Start Live Playtesting today!

After working hard on ensuring this new feature gives all developers and researchers out there everything they need, we are excited to finally be launching our Live Playtesting feature to PlaytestCloud users. For game developers looking to gain deeper insights into their games and enhance the player experience, Live Playtesting by PlaytestCloud offers a unique and effective solution to player or game issues. 

Consider this our personal invitation to explore this new feature and see how it can integrate into and improve your game development process. Head here to create your PlaytestCloud account and start playtesting directly with players, or here if you already have one. Want to know about pricing and availability? Head over to our pricing page. Or have a look at our dedicated feature page to learn more.

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