Come talk playtesting with us at GDC 2017 and the #gamesUR Summit!

Just a quick update: We'll be at GDC 2017 and the Games User Research Summit in San Francisco from Monday, February 27th to Thursday, March 2nd and would love to meet you and talk playtesting!

So if you're attending already, or happen to work in town – book a meeting with us. We're looking forward to meeting you!

Don't miss our roundtable talk – Long term relationships: How to save the forest when all the trees are on fire

Tuesday 2/28, 11:30am @ #gamesUR Summit, Track B

Presented by a panel of experienced Games User Research professionals, including PlaytestCloud's co-founder Christian Ress. The exact lineup will be published shortly.

This roundtable will address how we get teams the best UX they need for the current crisis while preparing them to be more UX focused the “next time around”. A UX professional’s first contact with a developer or publisher team is often during a time of crisis. UI is a mess. Onboarding is confusing and ineffective. The game isn’t fun. Players are not coming back. Time is limited and resources are tight. What do you do? Fix what they think is wrong? Go after the low hanging fruit? Throw up your hands in despair?

We will provide examples from our own experience and provide real-time guidance and direction for how to manage crises and build long term relationships to audience members courageous enough to air their dirty laundry in public.

Read more on the conference website→

Happy playtesting, and see you in SF!

Christian, Co-Founder