Last month we started recording short 2 to 3 minute usability reviews of both new and popular iOS games in which we show usability highlights and usability fails and give tips on improving them.

Watch these videos to learn how to design a great tutorial, see how other games guide players through complex menus and get inspired for your next game.

Check them out below, and leave a comment if you'd like us to review your game this month!

1. Zombie Catchers

Aliens making zombie juice... yum! Lets first-time players start playing immediately after opening the game.

Download Zombie Catchers here (iOS)

2. World of Tanks Blitz

The fast-paced mobile version of the highly successful MMO World of Tanks. Purposely lets the players fail during the tutorial to teach them an important lesson.

Download World of Tanks Blitz here (iOS)

3. Criminal Case

Hidden-object meets criminal investigation. Great on-boarding and UX.

Dowload Criminal Case here (iOS)

4. High Noon 2

This multiplayer cowboy game has smoking guns, robot players, and convenient shortcuts.

Download High Noon 2 here (iOS)

5. Kiwi Clapas

Save the cute Kiwis that got lost in the south of France! A highscore based arcade game that clearly shows players why they failed a level.

Download Kiwi Clapas here (iOS)

6. Swamp Attack

If you ever built your wood cottage in the swamp you know the feeling of zombie crocodiles invading your home... If not, this is the game for you. This defend-your-home style game has good controls, but still room for improvement.

Download Swamp Attack here (iOS)

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