Regardless of how cute this game sounds, it's quite bloody. You have been warned.

I've been at the Berlin Mini Jam last weekend and had a blast making a small game with a fun group of artists, game designers and developers.

The Berlin Game Jam is a monthly event in which you're making a game (or really anything, there are no rules) in 8 hours. There are always a three crowd-sourced topics in case you need inspiration - this time they were: Winter is coming, How did that happen?!, Growing and Gravity (both tied for place 3).

We went with a small whack-a-mole style game in which you.. well, see for yourself:

The most important thing in a game jam is limiting the scope of your game. 8 hours is very little time for coming up with an idea and putting together something resembling a playable game, and you have to make lots of compromises.

For us that meant focusing on the main game mechanic of whacking the foxes, and only then adding additional features like snow and sounds. In fact, the boss fight at the end only found it's way into the game 5 minutes before the presentation.

It's completely okay to fake parts too: The title screen showing the name of the game was actually just a video that we played before demoing our game on stage.

Just for fun, here are a few playtester reactions to the game:

Thanks a lot to the team for such a fun day: Kelsey (Art), Matthew (Game Design), Daniel (SFX), Mircea (Code), Brooke (Art), Natsuki (Art).