At PlaytestCloud, our mission is to help gaming companies everywhere make games that players love, by giving them access to the very best playtesting tools available – ours!

In order for that to work though, it’s just as important that game makers understand and implement the right actionables from their playtests. Will a player enjoy your game after you changed it following feedback gained from a playtest? Will new mechanics be easier to use after a player found the old ones too complicated? And what exactly was it that that certain player didn’t like in your first level, based on their playtest?

These questions and others were always difficult to answer – until now. As part of our effort to bring those who play games to those who make them, we’re now releasing Player Retargeting.

New: Player Retargeting
Our new feature that allows you to invite players from any old playtest to new ones – available for every single playtest type we offer (including surveys and player interviews).

Player Retargeting opens a whole new world to better understand why players play the way they do, how they feel about your game, and also to see how they react to what you implemented based on their feedback. Iterative testing is at the core of every user research program, and by re-targeting players from previous testing rounds you have even more options for testing with the right players.

Retargeting makes your research more effective

Making a game is a journey, and now players can join you for the ride. Did you like a specific player’s feedback during a previous playtest and want to know what their feedback on a new game idea? Go on and invite them for a concept test! Want to talk directly to a player after some of the insights their playtest gave you in a longitudinal? Then why not call them in for a player interview?

By combining Player Retargeting with all our different services, you can both understand playtest findings and players better than ever and also ensure you implement the right actionables for your game. And the way it works is, as always, seamless.

From now on, on any new playtest, survey and player interview order you’ll have the option to directly invite players from previous tests. Just search for the game name or playtest title, and we’ll automatically show you a list of all the players that were involved so you can invite whoever you want. This works for every single playtest type we offer, from Single-session to Competitor Testing, from Longitudinal to Playtest with Kids. You can have a look at how it looks below:

Retargeting search
Retargeting manage participants inteface

Another Step Towards Live Playtesting

With our recent release of Player Interviews, we aimed at bridging the gap between those who make games and those who play them, creating a direct line of communication between both. Wanting to bridge this gap is also why later this year we’ll be releasing Live Playtesting, allowing you to playtest directly with players, and better understand how they play your game.

Now, with Player Retargeting, we continue towards that objective, giving you all the tools you need to better understand why players play your game the way they do. Try it out for your next playtest and let us know what you think!