Every day we strive to make it easier for you to understand what players like, what they don't like, and why they play the way they do. Having access to detailed playtester profiles and demographics is critical to understanding your game’s target audience–and is one part of how we help you identify the problems that cause issues or pain points in your games.

To keep this focus front of mind, we have made a few improvements to the player profile section of your playtests.

In the past, we used to provide a lot of unorganized data surrounding players’ preferences, and asked you to figure out who the person behind the mobile device was on your own. However, we realized this process had no organization or structure for how to build that player persona.

This is why now, when you analyze your playtest videos, you will receive that information in a more organized manner for easier analysis!

How will this work? Basically, the players' profiles will be broken down into categories. So even if you are quickly scanning a player’s profile, you can get a basic understanding of that player’s gaming preferences.

For example, if a player mostly lists indie games and puzzle games as top favorites, you can quickly find important correlations in their profile data. Organizing player data this way makes the data easier to approach, while still giving you insights into all the kinds of games this player enjoys. As a result, you’ll have an even better idea of the personas behind your playtests!

Additionally, if you’ve ever wanted to know why the algorithm chose John and not Tom for your playtest, the new player profiles now include an answer. Now, we are highlighting the categories and games that match your order in the gaming history section of the order form. This way, there is just a little more information for you to explore.

All in all, we hope that this update will make it easier to understand individual player profiles. By highlighting all the relevant game titles/genres in their profile, we’re excited to deliver a more nuanced understanding of your target audience.