Wish you could annotate your playtest results with hashtags? In our recent survey, you asked for a simpler way to filter through your annotations. So we went ahead and added hashtag capabilities to our annotation and mark-up tools! Now, get all the added customization you want between themes, categories, and games research projects, no matter your subscription level with PlaytestCloud.

What makes hashtags great?

  • There’s no prep work. Unlike filter categories, you don’t need to manually create a list of hashtags in your settings menu before you get started. Instead, type in a relevant hashtag during the annotation process, and the system automatically logs it. In fact, it’ll be available to tag in the very next annotation! Just click the hashtag dropdown menu, add the hashtag, and watch our system instantly create new categories for your playtest logs. This will also help you keep your #hashtags consistent across videos, and even group similar playtest trends.
  • Insightful project review in minutes. You can now filter your search with hashtags. By activating a hashtag filter, you will see only the annotations that contain the queried #hashtag(s).
  • Quick navigation between ‘internal trending’ project hashtags. Benefit from ease of reference when you open your playtest dashboard. Check in on active hashtags in the Playtest Summary page based on tagged video annotations, and get a quick-count of how many hashtags you or your teammates have added to date. Now, you have a light-speed way to identify what happens in each video, as well as determine how common trending activities are per playtest.