Update: April Fools! :-)

Listening to and learning from our customers is at PlaytestCloud's core.

Your games let players skip the wait, giving them that upgraded building right away, topping off the boosters without waiting around, or refilling their energy bar.

So today, PlaytestCloud is catching up:
With a simple click, your playtests will finish instantly.

How do Instant Playtests work?

After ordering your playtest, a countdown will show when your results will be available.

When you need the results quicker, Finish Now gets you that player feedback instantly.

Finish Now consumes 1 Diamond per player, and Diamonds can be purchased directly in your profile:

  • Small Satchel: 10 Diamonds
  • Brimming Satchel: 25 Diamonds (Most Popular)
  • Sparkling Chest: 100 Diamonds

We're currently preparing PlaytestCloud Instant Playtests by filling satchels and chests with Diamonds. Stay tuned for more.

Happy Playtesting,
Your PlaytestCloud Team