When our clients' games make it into Facebook's Best Mobile Games 2014 list we celebrate with them: Congratulations to TinyCo for their great game Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff!

Read what Matt Fairchild of TinyCo had to say about working with PlaytestCloud prior to their global release:

Working on a big IP title like Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, of course I was wary about confidentiality when using crowd-sourced user testing. However, PlaytestCloud's technology made sure that our game was safe during the whole testing process.

They recruited exactly the right test players from our target audience, saving us a massive amount of work versus doing that ourselves. Their player videos provided immediate, actionable insights, and directly contributed to making our launch a success.

–Matt Fairchild, Directory of Community at TinyCo

At PlaytestCloud we don't just rely on NDAs to make sure your playtests stay confidential. Our industry leading safety mechanisms include remote monitoring and deactivation mechanisms that allow us to permanently disable test versions after your playtest is over.

So no matter if you're working on the next Match-3 hit or make a game based on exciting IP, you can count on PlaytestCloud.

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And if you'd rather like to create your own Quahog, give Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff a try here (iOS) or here (Android)!