As the situation unfolds with COVID-19, we hope everyone out there is staying safe and healthy. Working from home will become more and more common (#FlattenTheCurve), and we have noticed the trend of game studios reducing the number of in-house tests they run in order to keep the researchers and playtesters safe.

That's why we want to remind you that our platform can completely run online and has many collaborative features. PlaytestCloud will help you keep your development pace over the next coming months and our services are one of the tools that will make this shift easier and help you and your team stay productive.

Besides who doesn't love watching a PlaytestCloud video! #RemoteTeamBuilding?

Just as a reminder, here are 5 practical Benefits of PlaytestCloud over in House Testing:

  • Players are less afraid of assumed criticism to their feedback when they play alone.
  • The elimination of the feeling of being closely observed for the players.
  • Players give feedback which is more authentic when they never meet the designers.
  • Testing results can be shared, watched and analyzed anytime, anywhere.
  • The elimination of the distortion in the behavior and reactions (caused by the unnatural testing environment of in-house testing).