Do you remember the good old days back in university, where you could schedule a time to meet with professors during office hours, and have them assist you with your next big project?

Well, lucky for you those days are back thanks to PlaytestCloud's GRUX (Games Research & User Experience) office hours. Consider it our way of making it a little easier for clients like you to ask those critical questions. Just schedule a time to speak with our in-house GRUX expert, and voila! We are in your corner, to help and advise.

Why do we do this? It's because we know that some users of PlaytestCloud don’t have dedicated user research staff. In fact, many have only a single member who governs this role. And since the best testing and development innovations come from bouncing ideas around, critical feedback is imperative for sole-source users who are prone to pacing around the office. We want to be there to help. That's why at PlaytestCloud, we’re offering a new way for you, our customer, to get support and feedback on the research and playtests you’re working on.

Not a customer yet? Start your free trial before booking your slot. We are happy to talk about any research topic on your mind.

Here is just a short list of themes we’ve discussed with our customers during our GRUX sessions:

Seven Conversation Themes from GRUX Discussion Sessions

  1. Study design brainstorming and support.

    • How many players do I need?
    • How can I accomplish my goals through different study types and designs?
    • What steps do I take to combine remote, unmoderated playtesting with other research types?
    • What informal research methods can I use to support playtest-based research?
  2. Survey development and design discussions.

    • Is there a better way to establish my survey design and flow?
    • Are there better ways to get the information I need from my target audience?
    • How can I improve my survey questions?
  3. Conducting your playtest or player interview.

    • How do I run my your first playtest?
    • How to talk to players in a live playtest or player interview?
    • How to structure your live session with a player?
    • How to use a topic guide?
  4. Final analysis support and informal review.

    • Can I get assistance reviewing my surveys and reports?
    • Will someone take a brief look at my UX analysis reviews for feedback?
    • How can I develop a qualitative data analysis?
    • What is the best way to systematically analyze free text or video data?
  5. How to writing your post-playtest report.

    • Post-playtest report assistance.
    • How do I analyze the data I've received?
    • How do I proceed with structure, design, and reporting flow?
    • What do my findings mean, and how can I best use them?
  6. Research strategy.

    • How to convince stakeholders?
    • How to create a roadmap for your testing?
    • How to plan your playtesting/user research budget?
    • How do I get my game teams to run more research?
  7. Understanding your market and competitors.

    • How to use PlaytestCloud for market research?
    • How to use PlaytestCloud to validate your ideas before going into production?
    • How to test games of competitors and benchmark how well you're measuring up?

In each case scenario, we provided the right assistance to our customers, answering each question in real-time during scheduled sessions. We would be happy to provide similar help to you and your team.

The next time you’re not sure what to do, or how to get started, PlaytestCloud customers can book a slot that fits their schedule.

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