On April 25th, 2016 TreasureHunt released their first ever mobile game, Boomie Blast. Over a year’s worth of effort went into creating this game and we’re proud to tell you that PlaytestCloud was with them every step of the way!

Here’s what Kyle Smith, CEO of TreasureHunt had to say:

"PlaytestCloud was a critical part of our development process on Boomie Blast. One of our biggest challenges was how innovative our core mechanic was. The videos we got back from PlaytestCloud helped us identify which direction to move in and what users were excited by.”

Boomie Blast is a premium quality free to play ‘arcade blaster’ game from TreasureHunt, which combines innovative core mechanics that still feel familiar with market leading production values. A simple game mechanic of swipe to turn, and to drop ‘Blasts’ on each turn, combines the familiar feel of arcade while upgrading the experience to the mobile first era.

You play as Vic who has arrived in the Skylands where the Evil Mole Empire have taken over and stolen all the Boomie eggs. You’re partnered with your furry but explosive Boomie sidekick, Flint, on his mission to save the Boomies from the Evil Mole Empire.

Install Boomie Blast for free from the App Store:

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