PlaytestCloud Subscriptions: The Professional Plan

“Playtesting works best when it’s done regularly, playing a key role in the development process. The Professional Plan is designed for game studios who put the player experience first: It combines our best playtesting tools, access to our entire player database, and customization in one bundle.”
-Christian Reß
Co-Founder PlaytestCloud

As we begin to release our new subscription model, we are the most excited to roll out our Professional Plan. The Professional Plan includes our most popular features that we expect to be loved by an overwhelming majority of our clients. It is the quintessential PlaytestCloud service as all of the playtest features are unlocked when you subscribe to the Professional Plan.

With this plan, you unlock all of our playtest options such as choosing a specific player demographic, running a test with a child, target players using a specific device, guiding your players through the test with in-game tasks, or even running A/B tests. These are just some of the many features that are unlocked when you subscribe to our Professional Plan. With the Professional Plan we strive to do everything that we can to specially customize your playtest to whatever specifics you may need.

The Professional Plan has a lot to offer. For more specific details on what is included, be sure to visit our new pricing page. For some gaming studios who may be a bit newer with using user testing, the ‘pay as you go’ Starter Plan might be more suitable for your needs. That being said for some of our larger clients with highly specific needs you might find that the Enterprise Plan might be a better fit for how you run playtests. Feel free to reach out to us and we would be more than happy to discuss what plan would be best for your playtesting needs.

  • Please note: If you’re already a paying user PlaytestCloud your current feature set and pricing will not change.