The PlaytestCloud Indie Pass

At PlaytestCloud, we work with game studios who are developing incredible games every day, and know just how important a robust playtesting platform is to compete in the App Store charts. More importantly, we won’t rest until everybody has access to the best playtesting tools out there.

To make playtesting and competing for the best player experience more accessible to even the smallest game studios out there, our flexible, new subscription plan makes the playtesting tools used by over 60% of the studios behind the top 100 grossing games on the App Store available to more studios than ever before.

Announcing: The Indie Pass

The Indie Pass allows eligible studios who meet the requirements to access many of PlaytestCloud's key features and at a price of just US$299 a month (excl. VAT) –  a fraction of the standard costs.

The Indie Pass offers quite a few unique advantages and advanced features that are typically only available within our Professional and Enterprise Plans. Here’s what an Indie Pass subscription grants access to:

See our pricing page for a complete overview of all details of the Indie Pass, or sign up for your account today to get started with the best playtesting platform for mobile games.

Indie Pass: Use our playtesters, or bring your own!

A good playtest requires the right playtesters. With the Indie Pass, two great options for finding them exist.

Have PlaytestCloud find the playtesters

The Indie Pass includes 5 Video Tokens a month that you can use to playtest with players from PlaytestCloud’s large pool of over 1 million players. You can specify the types of players you want using all our standard target audience features (including 40+ game and genre options). All players you pick this way will be from the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

Playtest with your own community

When you opt for either an annual or monthly Indie Pass subscription, you will also receive 50 invitations per month for use with our Bring Your Own Players service. With Bring Your Own Players,  you can playtest Android games with friends and family, trusted players from your inner circle, and even your colleagues – all while getting the same high-definition feedback (with screen, audio and touch recording) you get from PlaytestCloud’s players. All you need is their email addresses and you are set.

Blog post readers tip: You can use the Bring Your Own Players feature to not only playtest with more than the (up to) five PlaytestCloud-provided players per month, but you can also use BYOP to playtest with players that normally aren’t available to you on the Indie Pass – for example, players from other countries or kids (assuming you’ve got the right certifications for that).

Who qualifies for the Indie Pass?

The Indie Pass is designed as a springboard for small, “Indie” studios. To make the best playtesting features available to them, we’ve put together this significantly discounted plan – lending a hand to those who will make the games of tomorrow.

Am I eligible for the Indie Pass?

Your game studio is eligible if you meet all three requirements:

  • At most 15 employees
  • Less than 1 million USD raised in funding
  • Less than 1 million USD in annual revenue

Save money with an annual Indie Pass subscription

The Indie Pass is also available as an annual subscription, giving your studio access to the best playtesting tools year after year – with some additional benefits over the monthly Indie Pass.

Annual subscriber benefits include:

  • 60 Video Tokens (a year’s worth) available from the beginning of your term
  • A cost savings of $299 (Get 12 months for the price of 11)
    Ready to start playtesting?

Ready to start playtesting?

The  Indie Pass opens the door to the best mobile playtesting tools for everybody. Want to make a great game? Time to get your Indie Pass.

See our complete overview of all Indie Pass details, or start playtesting on the best playtesting platform for mobile games.