A statement from PlaytestCloud regarding COVID-19

Dear PlaytestCloud Customer,

We want to update you on what the current global COVID-19 situation means for PlaytestCloud, and how we’re supporting our employees and our customers during this time.

All PlaytestCloud services are fully operational and available, and we have taken steps to ensure that you can continue relying on PlaytestCloud for your remote testing for the time to come.

Read on for details and product improvements to help with remote testing.

Ensuring PlaytestCloud remains available for our customers

First and foremost, our team is safe and sound and has settled into working from their homes in and around Berlin to help you, our customers, make games that bring joy to people during these times. All our services and products are fully operational and available to you at our usual, fast turnaround speeds.

We have been helping our employees equip their home offices with all the necessities to work safely from home, including providing them with furniture, additional hardware and everything else they need to continue supporting your playtests for the time to come.

Of course, the security and safety of the games being tested on PlaytestCloud remains a top priority for us. As remote work was already part of our normal office routine, everybody is well equipped and educated to maintain the same high-security standards regardless of the location we work at.

That being said - due to the current situation - we are unable to run playtests that require players to leave their homes at this time.

Supporting studios switching to remote research

During the last weeks, we have been working closely with our customers to support them in moving research that used to happen in-house to a remote setting.

To better support research that was traditionally done in-house, we are expanding PlaytestCloud’s offerings effective immediately:

  • Playtesting with your own players: Run playtests on PlaytestCloud with players that you provide yourself. Ideal for testing with very specific audiences only you have access to.
  • Player Interviews: Talk 1:1 with our playtesters before, after or instead of a playtest through a phone call or video conference. Ideal for in-depth user research. (* As of November 9th 2020, player interviews are no longer supported)

We hope these two features will help bridge the gap between in-house and remote testing and make your user research easier during these times.

Both features are available in early access as of today. Please contact us at hello@playtestcloud.com if you’re interested in getting started with them.

We’re here for you

If you have additional testing needs beyond what you see here – please contact us. We know that these times put game studios and user research teams to the test and are committed to doing everything we can to help.

Now more than ever, games help people stay connected and give them joy in times that are stressful. Let’s make them the best we can for all the people out there, together.

Please stay safe, and all the best to you, your families and colleagues from all of us here at PlaytestCloud.

– Christian & Marvin

Co-Founders, PlaytestCloud